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5 Businesses That Can Benefit From a Reverse Osmosis System

Car Wash  Use Reverse Osmosis System
Reverse osmosis provides the purest water possible, and a wide range of businesses need pure water. This guide lists five businesses that benefit from having a commercial reverse osmosis system.

1. Coffee Shops

Coffee is made from only two ingredients: coffee beans and water, and both ingredients are equally important. High-quality coffee beans are essential to brewing a cup of coffee that's aromatic, flavorful, and rich. If a barista doesn't have great beans, then they'll never be able to produce a great shot of espresso or delicious pour-over.
Pure water is needed to ensure that nothing detracts from the nuanced qualities that high-quality beans have. Any elements other than hydrogen and oxygen will interfere with the aromatic and flavorful notes of a coffee brew, leaving the final cup less satisfactory than it could be.
This is why a commercial reverse osmosis system should be in every specialty coffee shop. Without a system, a shop can't serve the best coffee possible.

2. Distilleries

Distilleries don't necessarily need to use reverse osmosis water because water is purified in the distilling process. The process of heating up liquid to a specific temperature and collecting it removes impurities. Thus, a distillery that doesn't start with pure water can still end up with a pure spirit to sell.
However, distilling isn't a perfect process and a few impurities frequently remain after the first and second time that a spirit is run through a still. If a lot of impurities are in the water, then a number of distillations may need to be done.
By investing in a reverse osmosis system, distilleries can reduce how many distillations they need to do before producing a finished product. While impurities from other ingredients may still need to be removed through distillation, the water that is used won't be adding any impurities.
Often, the increased efficiency compensates for the cost of installing a system because reducing distillations minimizes labor costs, energy costs, and equipment wear.

3. Mines

The extraction of minerals from ore requires an immense amount of water, and mines produce lots of wastewater as a result. This wastewater is normally released back into the environment; however, this can cause issues if there are impurities in the water. Even impurities caused by natural elements can overwhelm the local ecosystem if mines release too much water.
A reverse osmosis system lets mines efficiently treat the wastewater they produce. By removing any impurities in the water, the system makes the water safe for streams, lakes, other waterways, and the environment.

4. Car Washes

When drivers go to a car wash, they expect their car to be perfectly clean after the wash is completed. The car can't have any spots, and a spotless finish requires pure water. Any elements that are in the water used for a final rinse will stay on the car after the water evaporates, leaving unsightly spots behind.
A reverse osmosis system can provide the pure water that car washes need for spot-free final rinses. Without a system, car wash owners may have unsatisfied customers who are annoyed by the dots left on their vehicles.

5. Grocery Stores

The water that grocery stores spray their produce with isn't always pure. This water doesn't always have to be pure - after all, a few spots from minerals on a pepper or carrot isn't going to hurt anyone, and consumers should wash or peel their produce before consuming it anyways.
However, impure water that leaves spots makes produce unsightly. By installing a reverse osmosis system, grocery stores can keep their fruits and vegetables looking as good as possible so that consumers are more tempted to buy the produce products.
To learn more about how a commercial reverse osmosis system could help your business, contact our team at Reverse Osmosis. We look forward to installing the perfect system for you.