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A Look at What Having a Desalinator on Board Your Boat Lets You Do

Seawater desalinators are regularly installed on yachts that boaters take on long trips, but it's not just the largest boats that benefit from having a desalinator on board. If you have a smaller boat, you might still want to have a desalinator on your boat. Here's what having a desalinator would let you do while boating.

Enjoy More Coffee Away from Ports

To start with, you'll be able to drink as much coffee as you want to when you aren't at port. Since you have an unending supply of water, you don't have to worry about using up precious fresh water in the water tank making a cup of joe. As long as you have coffee grounds, you'll have water to make coffee with.
This benefit is, of course, representative of much more than coffee. It's not just coffee that you'll be able to freely enjoy but any beverage or food that you have the other ingredients for. Whether you want a cup of coffee in the morning, a glass of water in the afternoon or fish stew made from your own catch for dinner, you'll have all the water you need.

Shower On Board While at Port

When in port and at a marina, you'll have the option to shower on board your boat rather than in the marina showers. Without a desalinator, most boaters choose to use marina showers so they don't have to worry about refilling their water tank. However, with a desalinator, refilling the water tank isn't a concern.
In most cases, showering on your own boat is preferable to using marina showers for three reasons:
  1. Marina showers often charge a nominal fee to shower
  2. Marina showers aren't always the cleanest bathroom facilities
  3. Your toiletries are on board your boat
Even if a marina shower is free and clean, having your toiletries on board makes showering on your boat much easier. You don't have to pack them into a bag, put on shower sandals, walk to the shower facilities, wait for a shower to be free and finally, get into the shower. Instead, you can hop into your boat's shower and wash up with everything right at hand.

Make Ice When You Need It

With a constant supply of fresh water, you'll be able to make ice in addition to beverages and foods. As any boater who's been on the water during a hot summer afternoon, ice is almost indispensable. The ability to make it on demand is highly convenient.
Because you can make ice when you need it, you don't have to worry about using up freezer space for ice when you leave port. Instead, you can stock your boat's freezer with frozen foods that you can't get while boating or anchored in a secluded place. As you use up these foods, you can replace them with trays of freshly desalinated water to turn into ice.
As an added benefit, freshly made ice will also be better in drinks than ice that was loaded on board while at port and is several days old. Fresh ice will blend more smoothly and look better in glasses. This isn't a primary concern for most boaters, but it is still a nice benefit.

Let Kids Use the Water Without Supervision

Without a desalinator, everyone on board must be careful of how much water they use. This includes kids, who sometimes take longer to wash their hands or shower — and, as a result, consume more water.
If you have kids, installing a desalinator will let you relax about their water usage. You won't have to monitor it as closely, and you won't need to constantly remind them to conserve water.
To have a desalinator installed on your boat, contact Reverse Osmosis.