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Four Reasons to Consider Drinking Alkaline Water

While there are critics and proponents on both sides of the question, many people believe that drinking alkaline water has a wide range of potential health benefits.
In basic terms, this form of H2O can be defined as water that is significantly less acidic than typical tap water. Specialized reverse osmosis systems are designed to help homeowners purify their water, whatever its source. Here are four reasons to consider this simple, healthy alternative.
  1. Proponents of alkaline water point to the potential for this purified substance to absorb free radicals: tiny unstable molecules which, left unchecked, can wreak havoc on the human immune system.

  2. This same "absorbent" property may also help in the reduction of free ranging toxins. The idea being that water treated via reverse osmosis is capable of absorbing impurities and eliminating them from the body.

  3. It is theorized that alkaline water is also effective in preventing and controlling certain types of cancer. Some researchers suggest that acidic biologic environments may even promote abnormal cell growth.

  4. Just as non-acidic water seems to help with the regulation of cellular health, there is some evidence that drinking it can assist with balancing blood sugar levels in diabetic and pre diabetic individuals.
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