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Salt Vs Salt-Free Water Softener Systems

Hard water, which contains a large amount of minerals like calcium and magnesium, can clog up your pipes and make it difficult for soap to lather and clean your body and your items properly. Water softeners can offer a solution. 

Salt Water Softener System

This type of system has many benefits. A large benefit may be the precise thoroughness of the removal of the minerals. By getting rid of practically all of the minerals in your water, your salt water softener system can prevent buildups in your pipes. As a result, appliances like your sink and dishwasher, along with your plumbing pipes, may last longer.

Salt-Free Water Softener System    

This type of system doesn’t remove the minerals completely from the water. This can be advantageous, since a small amount of minerals in your water may have benefits. This type of softener also tends to not use chemicals, which can be beneficial for those who are worried about the extensive use of chemicals in their home. Furthermore, both the system itself and the cost of maintenance can be less expensive, thereby potentially saving you money. 
Salt and salt-free water softener systems each have their own advantages, and one may be ideal for your home and what is more important to you and your family. Call Reverse Osmosis at 954-585-6177 to learn more about the two types of water softener systems.