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Understanding Desalination Watermakers for Yachts

Before you take your yacht out to sea, it is crucial that you and everyone else on board has plenty of clean drinking water. You may not have enough space to bring bottles of your own water, and a water tank may not be sufficient. For this reason, it would be wise to invest in a desalination watermaker.

What Are They?

Marine watermakers utilize the process of reverse osmosis to produce clean water out of the ocean’s saltwater. Pressure is used to push the saltwater through a membrane. Pure water is then pushed through while the salt irons are left behind. It is a fairly intricate and complex mechanism, but it can come in handy when you are planning on going out to sea for any length of time.

How Do You Maintain Watermakers?

You should be given instructions regarding how to set the system up and how to maintain it. The two most important components to keep an eye on are the membrane and filters. You should clean the membrane at least once a week to ensure it remains viable. You will need to replace the filters occasionally once they have become clogged.
Clean, fresh water is within reach on the open sea when you acquire a desalination watermaker. To learn more about the different styles and option available, contact Reverse Osmosis today.