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Watts® Dual-Media Water Softener & Filter

Watts® Dual-Media Water Softener & Filter
Water softener and carbon filter in one compact design for whole house water treatment!
The Watts® Dual Media Water Softener and Filter utilizes Vortech™ patented distributor technology to maximize media efficiency with two separate media chambers in one tank.
1. Activated Carbon for pretreatment removes chloramines, chlorine taste and odors, and extends ion exchange resin life.
2. High-Efficiency Ion Exchange Resin for increased efficiency and to enhance performance with high iron content water.

Water Conditioning Systems Using No-Salt Technology

Water Conditioning Systems Using No-Salt Technology
Conventional water softeners are generally considered the most effective and practical way to reduce water hardness and prevent scale formation in pipes and plumbing fixtures. Water softeners, however, require salt to regenerate, and they must be backwashed periodically to rinse and refresh the ion exchange resin. Brine water discharge and the need to conserve water have challenged this conventional technology, and new methods to provide scale-free water are being considered.
Introducing the environmentally friendly solution to water quality improvement problems! With E-Treat water conditioning system, there's no salt, no backwash, no scale, no chlorine and no electricity! Here's how it works:
Step #1 (Main Tank)
Water enters the system and flows down through a two cubic foot bed of coconut shell activated carbon. This initial water treatment process improves water quality by reducing bad tastes, foul odors, chlorine and organic substances through adsorption.
Step #2 (Inner Tank & Contact Chamber)
During this process, water flows upward through the riser tube into the inner tank where treatment for scale prevention is provided using our highly effective, ScaleNet™ anti-scale media. This unique material transforms calcium ions into Calcium crystals, which are stable and cannot attach to pipes, surfaces, hardware or heat exchanger components. The crystals are so small they are easily rinsed away by the water flow.
With ScaleNet™, there is no scale on plumbing fixtures, no costly repairs to hot water heaters due to scale, no salt, no brine tank and no electrical control valve. The installation is easy because only a simple "in and out" valve is required.
Performance testing proves ScaleNet™ anti-scale media virtually eliminates new scale formation and aids in the removal of existing scale. Results may vary, however, and performance is based on water hardness levels, flow rate and other factors.

Watts® Tri-Plex Water Softeners

Watts® Tri-Plex Water Softeners
Multi-stage water treatment systems for consumers who demand the "best."
Multi-stage water treatment system in a single tank to save space and money!

Our metered control valve regenerates in an up-flow pattern based on water usage to conserve water and reduce salt requirements.
Our Micro-Z® filter media is used for pre-filtration to remove particles, five micron and up. Micro-Z outperforms sand and multimedia to increased particulate removal.
This important step enhances the performance of activated carbon (below) and aids in the removal of iron and hydrogen sulfide.
Activated carbon
Activated carbon is used for pre-treatment to improve water quality by reducing bad tastes, foul odors, chlorine and organic substances through adsorption.
High efficiency ion exchange resin
Fine mesh resin is used for increased efficiency to remove water hardness, Calcium, Magnesium and improve performance in high Iron content water.
Two models
We offer two models based on water type, including models for municipal water and well water.
Innovative design
If you want the most from your investment, Tri-Plex water conditioners are for you! There's nothing else like them anywhere.
Multi-stage water treatment process
With Tri-Plex water softeners you get several water treatment media in a single tank, using a single control valve, to reduce space and save money!

Watts® Filox™ Backwashing Filters with CK10 Valve

Watts® Filox™ Backwashing Filters with CK10 Valve
Whole house filters for iron, hydrogen sulfide and manganese.
Iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide are common elements found in your water and can be a nuisance causing stains in sinks, bathtubs, toilets, driveways and even the side of your house. In addition, iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide release unpleasant odors and tastes to your water supply. FILOX™, a nonchemical oxidizing media is the answer to these water problems.
System Advantages
  • Highest flow rate of any Iron removal media.
  • No oxidizing chemicals needed for regeneration.
  • High efficiency with minimum of 80% manganese dioxide for enhanced performance and capacity.
  • Effective, from 5.0 to 9.0 pH, 5 to 25 GPM.
  • System is easy to program, with 10 pre-programmed regeneration cycles to optimize water treatment.
  • May require additional oxidizing agents depending on water conditions.
  • 10 year warranty on tank.
  • 5 year warranty on valve.
  • Made in USA.

Watts® Drinking Water Units with Kwik-Change™ Cartridges

Watts® Drinking Water Units with Kwik-Change™ Cartridges
We now offer a complete line of filtration systems and components with Kwik-Changes, including cartridges for taste, odors and chlorine reduction; sediment; hollow fiber membrane for ultrafiltration; and cartridges with antibacterial activated carbon.
These systems and components are ideal for residential, food service and cooler applications.

Drinking Water Systems Using Zero-Waste® RO Technology

Drinking Water Systems Using Zero-Waste® RO Technology
E-Treat™ Drinking Water Systems With Zero-Waste™ technology are 100% efficient!
Reverse osmosis technology is generally considered the most effective and practical way to provide safe drinking water.
With conventional RO systems, however, the ratio between water that's rejected by the membrane and usable water may typically be seven to one in residential installations.
With E-Treat drinking water systems utilizing Zero-Waste technology, there's no wasted water because water that's rejected by the RO membrane is sent to the hot water pipe using a booster pump, allowing all of the water to be utilized. For this reason, Zero-Waste systems are 100% efficient!
A small PC board controls the booster pump by determining the position of the automatic shut off valve. The pump also acts as a booster pump in low incoming pressure applications, serving a dual purpose.

ZE-RO-SPOT The True Spot Free System

ZE-RO-SPOT The True Spot Free System
A complete three-stage system includes R/O unit, 5 micron filter and carbon back washable tank, plus installation kit
  • 400/800/1200 Gallon per day capacities
  • Purified water onboard by reverse osmosis
  • No more cloudy ice, buying water for batteries, or buying and storing bottled water for consumption.
  • Saves up to 50% on cleaners, detergents and soaps
  • No more mixing, pouring, or storing salt onboard
  • No lifting dockside system on and off the boat
  • Real water softeners require a 5-cycle valve for proper re-generation
  • Save on scrubbing time
  • Less cleaners and no salt
  • Improves appearance of surfaces
  • Extends life of appliances & toys
  • No heavy lifting of bottled water
  • Hair & skin look marvelous